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What is your experience of working with cross-language couples – for example where one partner speaks English as their first language, and the other partner speaks another language as their first language? This training pilot programme aims to help supervisors and trainers of couples/relationship therapists to think about some of the issues which are relevant to this client group. The pilot programme is based on Professor Dewaele’s and Dr Costa’s award- winning research on multilingual therapists and therapy clients. The dialogues in the training pilot draw on ideas in the play, (which was inspired by this research) Andrew Muir’s “The Session”. The conversations were held with Dr Damian McCann from Tavistock Relationships.

You do not have to work directly with couples/relationships in the room, but if you regularly think about the couple/relationship in your work or your training, we would be delighted if you would participate. We welcome participants who are experienced in working with cross language couples/relationships, as well as participants who do not have this experience. We aim to finalise the content training material, based on your feedback about your experience of trying out these training materials. You will be asked to answer a few basic questions and then you are asked to watch 4 very short films and answer questions after each section. Please note that the therapy presented in the films does not follow one particular model. The films are not examples of best practice. They may appear to move very fast therapeutically. Our intention was to provide short films which focused on the issues we wished to highlight.

Thank you for agreeing to participate. If you have any questions, please email: