Page 1: Mentoring Pathways 2020-21 Mentee Application Form

Thank you for applying to Mentoring Pathways.

Before completing your application, please take note of the following tips: 

  • Take the time to ask yourself what you want to get out of the programme and what your objectives will be. Rushed applications can give the impression that you aren’t taking the process seriously. It is a competitive process so please take the time to give full answers to give yourself the best opportunity to be successful. 
  • Try to not be too specific about who you would like to be matched with. Mentors come from all walks of life and there is evidence to suggest that working with someone who is not from your preferred industry can result in an even greater learning experience. Being open-minded about who you would like as your mentor will give you more of a chance of being accepted onto the programme.  
  • Please answer “What are your key reasons for apply to the mentoring programme?” (Q18) in as much detail as possible to ensure that we can match you with the best possible mentor.   
  • Finally, make sure you check your application thoroughly and think about the following: 
  1. Does it read well? 
  2. Have you checked your answers? 
  3. Have you tailored your answers to the questions? 
  4. Have you thought about the reader? 
  5. Check grammar and spelling to ensure you are creating the most positive impression and demonstrate that you have paid attention to detail. 

If you have any questions, please email The application deadline is midnight on Sunday 25 October.

Please read our privacy policy to find out how we store and use your data.  

8.8. Undergraduate or Postgraduate? Required
11.11. What is your age?
12.12. What is your student status? Required
13.13. Are you receiving any financial support during your studies?
14.14. Did one or both of your parents/carers go to university?
15.15. What is your highest qualification to date?
16.16. What is your ethnicity? Optional
17.17. Do you have a disability that will require accommodations for you to participate in the programme?
20.20. Mentors can offer a wide range of valuable skills and experience, regardless of which industry they work in. Would you be prepared to be paired with a mentor in a different industry to the one you are looking to go into? Required
21.21. Do you currently have a business idea or are running a business? Required
23.23. At what level would you prefer your mentor to be working at? Required
24.24. Are you currently in employment? Required
28.28. Can you confirm that you will be able to attend a 1.5 hour virtual training session between Thursday 12 November and Friday 20 November (exact timings TBC)?